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First posts are always daunting. Where to start? Ok lets get the basic ‘who am I’ out of the way then we can get stuck into mindful fun.

I’m Emma,  I’ve just moved out of the hectic London blur after a couple of intense jobs in TV advertising production got me thinking….”Is this really what I want out of life?” .

I left the city buzz for a shake up and found myself on a whirlwind adventure that took me across the USA, South East Asia, South Africa and the Middle East.

Before I left for my adventures I went on a Mindfulness 8-week course at The Mindfulness Project in London . It sparked in me something that I had never felt before, a feeling that I was in CONTROL of my thoughts feelings and emotions and not just a pawn to life.

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Since being young I have experienced highs and lows and followed the well-trodden path of counselling, life coaching and low-dose anti-depressants. These all helped in various forms at various times however the therapy made my mind whirr even more with existential questions and the drugs made me question if it was really me or the pills acting.

After a tough stressful few months at work I started Googling around and decided that for for my birthday I would like to be sent on the 8 week Mindfulness MBSR course for 2 hours each week after work. At first I was sceptical, much like the other 10 people in the room, however at the end of our final 8 week session we all sat with tears in our eyes at the thought of finishing this wonderful experience. – I was HOOKED. So hooked that I packed in the city life and shook up my mind-numbing routine!

So here we are now, 2016.-I’ve moved to Bristol for a breath of fresh air, am running my own little business, and am living each day towards a life made mindful.

Come join me on my journey and share with me your experiences!




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