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So in case you hadn’t already realised my love for Mindfulness, how its changed my world flip 360 and now guides pretty much my every waking moment (when I’m not on autopilot 😉 ) Last year I decided to enrol on a course to take this love to the next level. Certification Station 1 –  The TTR1 at MBSR Mindful Academy in Solterreno Spain.

Home to the wonderful Bodhin Phillip Woodward and his family, Solterreno provides a real gem of tranquility hidden from the hustle and bustle, in which to immerse yourself in the course material. The perfect environment to deepen your own practice and practice giving guided Mindfulness meditations to other (guinea pigs) prospective teachers!



Looking back over the course boyyyy we covered a lot, it really got my juices flowing all over again since taking the 8 week MBSR course all that time ago and really has helped deepen my own practice and understanding let alone given me the tools and confidence to now finally teach.

If you want to know what prospective mindfulness teachers cover, well, to give you a flavour:

  • What Mindfulness is and what it is not
  • Waking up to Automatic Pilot – Implicit memory
  • The Prefrontal Cortex- Why we need to keep it online
  • 4 Essential Elements of Mindfulness based Interventions
  • Sowing the Seeds of Awareness
  • The Triangle of Awareness
  • Coming to our sesnes
  • Mindful body Awareness
  • Body Scan
  • The principles of Mindful eating

And that was just Session 1… of 10! Our lovely classroom, built and designed by Bodhin himself!

Like on Yoga training there was a lot of ground – up  work, learning about the body, the brain anatomy and physiology alongside history, philosophy and the practical elements of guiding meditations. Again, without this solid foundation of knowledge where are we guiding from and who are we to guide!

Each afternoon was a solid 4 hours of practicals with us each taking it in turns to guide our practice that we had prepared throughout the day to a group. This was amazing experience and It all started from day 2 so by the end we had given(and received) the teachings so many times that I certainly left feeling confident and excited to teach more at home!

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I hope that by now having a ‘proper’ backbone to my interest in Mindfulness I can develop material that is more diverse, thoughtful and helpful to others on this blog and also through giving workshops and classes.

I’ll for sure be keeping everyone posted on how it is going soon and fingers crossed have something exciting to report back soon.

If there is anything in particular you would like to find out about, whether it be about Solterreno’s MBSR Mindful Academy, Teacher Training or any of the practices themselves I welcome you to get in touch!

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