Have You Tried it yet ? Eating Mindfully

Sorry magazine you’ll have to go!

How often do you just eat? It sounds silly as we eat meals every day,  but how often do you just sit there and do nothing but eat?

While on a Mindfulness retreat I experienced a huge revelation in Mindful Eating. My food tasted better, I was fuller sooner and I absolutely loved every mouthful. This experience has really stuck with me and so I now try and incorporate mindful eating as much as possible with my meals.



  • Put your food on a plate – Eating out of a bag doesn’t help the practice, plus you can’t easily monitor how much you are actually eating
  • Sit at a table – Formalising the eating habit fill help focus attention on the intention to eat mindfully
  • Breathe and be thankful – Before digging in take a time for a mindful pause to breathe and feel gratitude for the processes that led to this moment
  • Eat in silence – Pop the TV off, hide your phone and put down that magazine or book. This helps draw our attention to what we are eating and enhances your experience
  • Tune in with all 5 senses – Notice the colours, aromas,textures, shapes and even sounds of your food
  • Chew more – Try to taste and identify all the different ingredients This is particularly fun at restaurants, when you didn’t make the food yourself. An added bonus is it may also help you become more creative in the kitchen.

Tip: Try making something really snazzy for your first experience, this will keep up your intrigue. I particularly like making a delicious healthy vegetarian salad like Pomegranate, quinoa, bulgar, feta, cucumber and lemon oil dressing for a colourful, zesty feast.


Becoming more in-tune with the foods we eat and being present has great effects on helping us eat more healthily and prevents over-indulging. When we notice what we eat we tend to eat less and enjoy our food more. This can be great for establishing a healthy diet and is even a tool for weight loss.

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I hope that putting the phone down, switching off the telly and shunning the magazine isn’t too daunting and you try this at home.  Let me know below if you try it and what you think!



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