4 Steps to a Mindful Walk

walking kev

Walking mindfully is a fantastic way of incorporating mindful practice when there just isn’t time to set aside for formal practice in your schedule.


Here’s some steps to get your started:

  1. Start by becoming aware of your posture and the sensation of standing. Feel your feet on the floor, grounded.
  2. Pause and take a conscious breath in and out
  3. If possible, walk slowly so that you can feel the sensation of the striking of your heel on the ground all the way through to your toes lifting up
  4. Notice the shifting of the weight across your body before taking the next step.  And repeat.

Optional: You can move on to focusing on other areas of the body, perhaps feeling your clothes swishing around or the sensations in your calves, knees and arms as they swing.

When out and about I like to take in my surroundings. I’ll establish presence first, focusing on my footsteps to feel grounded before shifting my focus to external things like street art, architecture, trees, sounds of the bustling city and feeling the breeze.

Tip: If you feel self-conscious walking without an obvious purpose or if you just fancy having a go why not take a camera and practice some mindful photography whilst you’re at it.


Here’s some things I spotted on my latest trip to Portishead on a British beach-y October day:

flower close

mindful walkdead plant 2


Have a great time out and about. As always I love hearing about what you get up to.



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