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Have you ever been on holiday/ travelling and felt like you need a holiday in order to get over the holiday? Since returning from my travels things have felt a little ‘stuck’ waiting for the next big thing to happen to move things in the right direction and frankly the waiting game isn’t working. The New Year provides a great chance to reflect on your goals and re-focus your future journey.  

These past few weeks I’ve given myself a self-compassion fuelled kick up the behind and put in place some serious steps to get this mid-ish 20’s life party started.

I jotted down a few of the things I’d been dreaming of doing but not made any real headway with over the year and had a gutsy week of planning, visiting and booking three solid things that will start me in the right direction.

Move along humdrum 2016 and make way for a Rihanna inspired year of “work work work work work” …and a whole load of self-development too.

The future belongs quote


Introducing you to the sneaky plan I’ve been hatching. Here goes:

1. January 2017 – Green Yoga India, Goa – 200hr Yoga Teacher Training

Kicking things off perfectly is yoga teacher training in January.  I’m so so ready to get stuck into a month of structured yoga practice with others and to learn more about the history, spiritual aspects and get to do it all from hatha to aerial yoga! Also super stoked as I’ve never been to India so going to fit in a few days either side for travel from Mumbai to Goa and a cheeky bit of surfing which is never as appealing in the chilly UK.

2. February 2017 – September 2019 –  College of Naturopathic Medicine

Back to school again and 3 more years of studying come at me.  I’ll be starting at the CNM on their diploma to become an accredited Nutritional Therapist. First year, Biomedicine. I could not be more happy than to go back to studying, I geekily love learning. Biology always fascinated me at school so the Biomedicine first year is right up my street, followed by two years of nutritional training and real-life clinics! This step is a biggie but imperative to self-sufficiently working in the wellness arena.

3. June 2017 – Mindful Academy – MBSR Teacher Training Level 1

Wohooo I’ve finally enrolled on a Mindfulness Teacher course after nearly a year of searching and searching. The retreat in Solterreno looks amazing and after speaking to Bodhin, one of the course teachers, I feel I 100% made the right decision choosing to study with them. I’ve already received the course material and 90-page practice scripts (eeek) to get stuck in studying now. This is a dream come true- I’m finally going to start working towards teaching Mindfulness *runs around*.

Work Work Work Work Work

In between all this jolliness girl got to get her head down and work to fund all of this. This part of the plan is rather open ended at the moment and I’m just going to go with it, probably doing something completely random, so watch this space…


I really really hope this post is more inspiring rather than going all ‘Gap Yah’ on you. It’s so so easy to get stuck in a deep old rut- I’ve been there,  I get it, but if you have a dream to do something you can absolutely do it. Yes it’s grim at times and sure there are compromises – I’ve moved out of the city I love to afford it all, become a temp receptionist at car dealerships, veterinary practices, roofing companies- you name it, in order to allow some stress-free time and basic income, but when the plan all comes together it is going to be all so blooming worth it.

We’re all in it together and I’d love to hear about your journeys too. What’s your dream, what are you up to, how’s it all going, let me know in the comments below or send me an email to emma@emmalouclark.com


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