My Favourite Mindfulness References

Mindfulness ReferencesIt’s so helpful to have to hand a few inspiring references whilst trying to lead a more mindful life.

There are days when I’m stuck in a bit of a rut, having woken up late, feeling groggy from over (or under) sleep and can’t summon the necessary brainpower to figure out what’s best to get me going. The below references have been a great helping hand in guiding and reminding me of the practices  and what might be best for my current mood or need.

The list is ever growing as I’m only new to the practice of mindfulness and cant help having a good old Google for new resources and can’t resist diving into a bookshop for the smell of new pages and new wisdom.

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The Little Book of Mindfulness; 10 Minutes a Day to Less Stress, More Peace – Dr Patrizia Collard

This was actually bought for me as a stocking-filler from Mum after I mentioned I was going to start blogging about mindfulness. Its such a cute and handy go-to with beautiful illustrations to boot. As it mentions in the title the book is filled with  5 – 10 minute practices and inspirations to help us to reconnect to the now. I will be posting about some of the practices and how they help me. If you do pick up the book check out p82 for the ‘Metta Meditation: Loving Kindness’ for self-compassion, empowerment and transformation.

How to Love – Tich Nhat Hanh

I have literally fallen in love with the book. I am guilty firstly of choosing it because of its cover but then justified my choice as the author is Tich Nhat Hanh – only one of the best known Zen teachers in the world!

The book is so gentle and calming that just from reading I feel a glow of compassion welling up inside me and I look forward to moments where I can practice some of the things written about. The book includes notes on love such as how to recognise true love and the four elements it encompasses.

There are also practices and meditations on how to nourish true love, these come with beautiful names like ‘Watering the Flower in a Friend’ and ‘A Pot in Search of a Lid’. Each page features a new offering and is accompanied by lovely pink pen and ink drawings.

The Mindfulness Bible; The Complete Guide to Living in the Moment – Dr Patrizia Collard

I bought this book as a pure coincidence that it is written by Dr Patrizia Collard, the same author as the Little Book of Mindfulness (above), this is about where the similarities end, as a guide it could not be more different. This ‘bible’ is much like a school Geography textbook with lots of words accompanied by photography and case studies. The book also includes a detailed eight-session mindfulness course with a blank diary grid for your weekly entry. I’ve found this useful as a way to refresh my knowledge from the eight week Mindfulness course I took at the London Mindfulness Project. Also it has been helpful in helping me geek up on the  actual science behind mindfulness. There is a HUGE section on Mindful Meditations and movement exercises (accompanied by step-by step pictures) which has been useful to pick and choose from.

Eat Pray Love; One Woman’s Search for Everything Across Italy, India and Indonesia – Elizabeth Gilbert

OK so I’m currently half way through this book and I’m hooked. I cant wait each night to snuggle down and catch the next few chapters of Liz’s journey. This book is different to the other’s I’ve already mentioned as it is biographical and absolutely nothing to do with guiding actual meditations etc. Instead, it is an insightful, funny account of Elizabeth’s travels to find happiness and fulfilment following a few rough years of divorce and depression. She has a likability that challenges even that of our best friend Bridget  Jones.

In terms of a reference for mindfulness this book is FAB in supporting my practice at the moment as it feels like I have a friend on the same journey as me :)

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